Videos Worth Sharing: Marmite, Coca-Cola and More

This week’s selection of videos is full of light-hearted laughs and guilty pleasures, courtesy of Three UK, Shell and Go Compare. Enjoy!

This week’s selection of videos is full of drinks and grub, courtesy of Marmite, Coca-Cola and Dominos…… Enjoy!

Marmite – The Marmite Gene Project

Everybody knows you are either a lover or a hater of Marmite. But there latest advert is all about the Gene Test, are you born with it?  The Marmite Gene Project is here to help families explore whether they are born this way by taking a ‘gene test’.

They recruited 250 healthy adults to provide a saliva cheek swab for genetic analysis. Their DNA was extracted from the saliva sample, and was analysed to identify single nucleotide polymorphisms associated with Marmite taste preference.

The humorous ad shows explosive results, with some families coming together and rifts breaking out. Get your Marmite Gene Test Kit at

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Domino’s- The Official food of Squads

In Domino’s latest ad, they decided to adopt the popular culture term ‘squad’ to bring the popular demeanour to the campaign. Domino’s is using the term to promote the fact its food is the “official” food of tight friendship groups.

One of the squads is put on show in the clip, featuring some interesting clothing, fidget spinners and a young man wearing glasses on top of glasses – it surely can’t get cooler than that.

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Coca Cola – A Bottle Love Story

Coca-Cola has decided to run its first major sustainability campaign after companies finding it hard to tackle the plastic problem littering our world. They want to encourage consumers to recycle its bottles.

The ‘Love Story’ campaign tells the story of two bottles – one Fanta and the other Coke Zero Sugar – who fall in love as they meet over and over again because they keep getting recycled into new bottles. The film ends with a voiceover encouraging people to recycle bottles from Coca-Cola brands including Sprite, Fanta and Coke after use.

Follow the love story of our plastic bottles and see how you can help even more bottles stay together, simply by recycling!

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What do you think of this week’s picks? Did they get you in the mood for food?

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