What 2021’s Christmas Adverts Say About The Content Marketing Trends Of 2022

In a shapeshifting, post-pandemic world, content marketing has had to shapeshift with it. In 2021, marketers and audiences took the lockdown-led 2020 content marketing trends and developed them further. Now, at the end of the year, we’re wondering: what will be the top content marketing trends of 2022?


With Christmas just around the corner, we thought we’d make our own predictions of next year’s trends by looking at this year’s festive adverts. How do they signal what content themes are to come in 2022? Let’s find out…


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Connection and new beginnings: John Lewis Christmas Advert 2021 – An Unexpected Guest

After the 2 years we’ve all had, we’re all craving connection more than ever – and brands know this.

We think this year’s John Lewis Christmas advert is a very apt look into future content trends to come. It’s about a young boy who finds connection in the most unexpected of places at Christmas. It’s not so different to our reliance on technology to communicate across the world in recent times.

With the futuristic themes, the John Lewis Christmas advert is also a symbol of new beginnings and looking forward rather than back. We’re all more than ready to do this going into 2022!


Community and comfort: Sainsbury’s Christmas Advert 2021 – A Christmas To Savour

The Sainsbury’s Christmas advert of 2021 looks at audiences’ current thoughts and feelings from a slightly different angle. The advert is all about savouring Christmas – every last bite, metaphorical or otherwise. It shows us what we’d all like to do this Christmas if we could: stop time and just be in the moment for much longer.

Sainsbury’s offering this year echoes a theme of community and savouring every moment with the ones we love. It also evokes a lot of comfort, which is needed every bitterly cold winter, but especially this one.

Based on this advert, we predict that brands’ marketing content will continue to echo these feelings throughout the year. The need for comfort. The need for community. Most of all, the importance of living in the moment.


Mental health, supporting each other and #BeKind: Amazon Christmas Advert 2021 – Kindness, the greatest gift

Another large part of our lives that became starkly exposed during the pandemic was mental health. Even before lockdowns, isolation and mass loss of life took their toll on us, mental health was a hot topic – especially among the younger generation.

So, it’s no surprise that all of this has culminated in Amazon’s Christmas advert of 2021. Or, what feels like a warm hug in video form.

A young woman goes through life’s motions while battling internal struggles we can all identify with. A radio snippet reads out a statistic on anxiety increase in young people during the pandemic. The protagonist’s neighbour reaches out a virtual helping hand in the form of an Amazon gift. The prophetic lyrics of Adele’s Hold On carry the advert’s messaging beautifully. Finally, the ending slogan also points to a popular hashtag in recent years to combat online trolling: #BeKind.

While simple in its concept, it’s this simplicity and realism that makes Amazon’s 2021 Christmas advert so familiar to all of us. It touches upon the topic of anxiety in a fresh and sensitive way – a way that’s so needed at the moment. This emotional impact is why we’re predicting this theme to continue throughout 2022 and beyond in brands’ marketing.


Living life to the full: TK Maxx – Christmas to the Maxx

This advert echoes all of our thoughts this season: this Christmas will be like no other. We’re ready to do it all bigger and better than ever before – because who’s going to stop us?

The main character is a young boy ready to perform at his school Christmas concert. With his shiny boots and cool moves, he’s showing us that we shouldn’t hold back this Christmas – or any time beyond that, for that matter!

We think this idea of grabbing life by the horns will be a common theme in marketing for years to come. It’s inspiring, uplifting and can be funny, too!


Do you agree with our analysis and predictions for next year’s content marketing trends? Were there any other Christmas adverts of 2021 that stood out for you? Comment down below!


We hope you can use these content marketing themes as a guide for your strategy going forward. They’re sure to be a hit with today’s audiences.


Need a bit more help with your content marketing? We’re Stada Media, a widely skilled content production house with over 10 years’ experience under our belts. Get in touch with us about WOW-worthy content production today.


Image credit: John Lewis & Partners

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