What Are The Challenges Of Video Production? An Interview With Our Lead Editor Luke Earnshaw

Luke is our Lead Editor and one of the most integral members of our team. He is responsible for editing footage, or creating animations, into something amazing for our clients. In this interview, he tells us about his place in video production, the challenges of video production and much more.


blog - what are the challenges of video production? an interview with our lead editor luke earnshaw



How long have you worked in video production?

7 years.


How did you start in video production?

In my teens, I picked up a camcorder and started making the worst VFX videos anyone has ever cast their eyes upon – lightsabers, gunshots, you name it. I ‘acquired’ some software and started cutting these clips together. Long story short… filmmaking started as a hobby, before I went through the education route and then landed this job.


What is your role in a video project?

I am the Editor. Camera Operator. Sound Recordist. Animator. Cold Coffee Drinker. I do just about everything I can in Post-production.


What do you like the most about video production?

For me, making video is actually magic. Still frames that flow together, creating an illusion of movement? How cool is that, right?! I make things appear perfect even though they may not have been shot that way.


What do you see in the future of video production?

The future is VR. Virtual Reality. Give it a few more years, and we will be the superheroes in our own film.


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What are the challenges of video production?

There is no smooth journey with the creation of a video. There will always be problems and challenges of video production. This can happen at the start of Pre-production, to the end at Post-production. However, finding creative solutions to counter these can create some interesting results.


What is your favourite part of the production process?

Editing is obviously the best part of any video process. When a video flows – my heart is happy.


What skills do you need for video production?

You actually need to know a little about a lot. Actually, if you know a lot about a lot that’d be better. BUT, having skills across the board is a big help, as you’re never doing just one job. Also, invisibility.


Do you have a favourite video project that you’ve been involved in?

I work on so many videos I couldn’t possibly have a favourite. Like a true creative, I love the project and then overtime this fades. Haha. It’s a curse.


Luke is a big part of our production team and has a wealth of experience in video editing. The challenges of video production certainly don’t phase him. 

Even after his questionable but hilarious start as a video beginner (all video professionals have been there!), it’s pretty safe to say he’s redeemed himself!


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