What Are The Different Types Of Video Production?

If your business has never tried video production, you might be wondering where to start. Which types of video production are right for your brand, and how do you get the best out of them?


Video production is a broad field with many techniques and styles just waiting to be taken advantage of. It’s also a goldmine for today’s marketers, who can enjoy not only a broad range of tools but also countless benefits. 

So, here are the main types of video production you can take advantage of in your marketing.


Live action

What is live action?

Live action is video production that is filmed in real locations with real people. It involves HD cameras and a whole production team on set or location. Live action is one of the types of video production that requires more resources, but definitely pays off big time!


Will live action video work for my business?

You might want to opt for live action if you’re looking to introduce your team to your audience or you want to showcase your impressive offices or warehouse. Live action, when done well, works for businesses with a focus on people and places.

However, it’s important to think about your own business when deciding between the types of video production. For example, if you offer something more digital and intangible, animation may be the way to go.



What is animation?

Animation involves moving graphics and illustrations that often tell a story. Furthermore, animation usually features a main character or object as the focus of the video. Animation’s ability to entertain means it’s one of the most popular types of video production.


Will animated video work for my business?

As we just mentioned, animation works very well for businesses that may struggle to get across their brand with live-action. For example, you might offer services through an app or online system that’s hard to film. Animation will bring this to life and create a much more memorable experience for your viewers.

The different types of video production offer benefits for every kind of business. You just have to decide which one works best for you!

Find out how much an animated video costs here. Plus, learn why animated explainer videos are so effective in marketing here.


Motion graphics

What is motion graphics?

Motion graphics is a type of animation, and this is where the types of video production start to blur a little! However, the key marker of motion graphics is that it’s not animated from scratch. Instead, motion graphics takes originally static images and manipulates them to move.

Plus, it’s not characters or stories being told – motion graphics is often text, symbols or logos. Therefore, you could say it’s a simpler version of 2D animation, intended to bring to life what’s already there.

Learn more about the differences between motion graphics and animation here.


Will motion graphics video work for my business?

Thankfully, because it’s so simple, motion graphics is very versatile. You can create an entire video with motion graphics, but they can also act as additions. For example, motion graphics make great finishing touches to a live-action video. You may want to animate your logo at the end of the video, or show speakers’ names more appealingly.

When you’re deciding between the types of video production, you might want to opt for motion graphics as a simpler alternative to fully-fledged animation.

Whatever you choose to do with motion graphics, you can rely on them to inject some life into your video.



What is 3D?

3D visualises objects and settings in hyper-realistic, three-dimensional form. You have a choice between 3D animation (3D imagery in motion) or 3D visualisation (showcasing a product in its fully detailed 3D glory).

Either way, if you can’t decide between the types of video production but want to make a big impact on your audience, 3D is your friend.


Will 3D work for my business?

Many businesses have products in development or about to launch that they want to build excitement about. Alternatively, you may want to give your audience a preview of an interior space. Any of these things can be achieved with 3D to sharpen expectations and heighten interest.

Know which of the types of video production you’re going for yet? If not, here’s one that might just seal the deal…


Live streaming

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is when a video is transmitted over the internet in real time, so viewers can watch it as it happens. It’s great for widening audiences of events or adding excitement to product demos.

Live streaming is one of the most popular types of video production because of its ability to engage. People love the idea of an exclusive event that they might not see again; as a result, this encourages viewers to share at a higher rate.


Will live streaming work for my business?

If your business holds events, presentations or demonstrations, live streaming is a type of video production that reaps rewards. The beauty of it is that you can live stream pretty much anything – even an impromptu, unscripted Q&A with your followers.

To learn about how a live streaming project works, check out our blog about our recent live stream of the Wakefield BID Awards. Eager for more? Read our top 5 tips for a successful live streaming production.


So, which type of video production will you go for? Whatever your business type, you’ll find something here that works for your marketing. That’s the power of video.


If you need a bit of extra help, get in touch with the creative experts at Stada Media. We’ve been delivering content to WOW the audience of businesses up and down the country for over a decade. Where could our skills take you?

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