What Is A Corporate Video Company?

You might be here, not because you want to know what to include in your corporate video or the latest video production techniques, but because you just want to know what a corporate video company actually is. What do we do day to day, and how do we work with you to achieve your marketing goals?


You might be completely new to video. Therefore, you may just want to know the lay of the land before beginning your exciting video marketing adventure. So, in this post, we’re taking you right back to basics.


What is a corporate video company?

A corporate video company produces professional videos for businesses’ sales and marketing needs. These are produced to a very high, competitive standard, using the latest video production equipment and techniques. The key goal – well, ours at least! – is to achieve a great return on investment for these clients.

A corporate video company might also be known as a video production company, video production agency, video marketing agency or video agency.

They can be hired to take care of your business’ video production and marketing so the weight is off your shoulders. Leaving it to the passionate experts is always a good call!


Who works at a corporate video company?

A corporate video company will have a highly skilled and experienced team of video production experts. These people are trained and ready to fulfil your marketing requirements. This includes videographers, animators, 3D artists, graphic designers, directors, producers, creatives and more!

You will also deal with a solid team of account and project managers. These people will make sure your project runs smoothly from beginning to end.


What are the benefits of a corporate video company?

Firstly, they will likely have skills across a wide range of video production techniques. This allows you to pick and choose the direction for your video marketing to go down. Furthermore, you may find yourself considering techniques you haven’t been able to before. Some video production companies will simply specialise in live-action or animation, but we think the best ones do the lot!

Secondly, a corporate video company takes away the burden of scrambling to find the money, time and resources to do it all yourself. Outsourcing a video production agency means you can leave it in the hands of the experts; what’s more, you can be confident you’ll get an amazing result.

Finally, we have the knowledge and experience to contribute some truly creative and original ideas to your video marketing strategy. We know what works and what doesn’t. As a result, we can elevate what you’re already offering to disrupt your marketplace with video.


How will a corporate video company work with my business?

Firstly, they will take great care to understand your business. For example, this spans from its key features and foundations through to its ambitions and goals for the future. As a result, your video production company will produce the most authentic end product possible!

At the beginning of your project, there will be a thorough briefing and discovery process. This is to ensure no stones are left unturned before work begins.

Throughout the video production process, a corporate video company will check in with you regularly. For example, they’ll arrange meetings, previews and delivery of edits.

The person you’ll interact with the most is the account manager. However, you’ll also get to meet the people creating your video for more in-depth discussions.

A video production company is like an extension of your business. However, it won’t interfere with the daily running of your company. This way, you get the best results with the least hassle!


So, itching to start working with a corporate video company? We don’t blame you. And guess what? You’re in exactly the right place. Stada Media can offer your business all of the marketing benefits we just talked about – and even more.


Get in touch with us about video production today and you’ll see how our corporate video company can WOW your audience.

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