What Should A Corporate Video Include?

If you haven’t yet tried corporate video for your business, you should seriously consider it.

Video is the best weapon you can arm yourself with when wanting to boost your marketing.

Corporate video brings with it many different weapons to the marketing battle. Engagement, emotional impact, and credibility are just a few.

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If you’ve come to this blog, you’ll probably be thinking of creating a corporate video for your business.


What is a corporate video?

A corporate video is a professional film created to showcase a specific aspect of a company to its customers.

The word ‘corporate’ may give off the wrong impression. Indeed, ‘corporate’ might suggest that the video is going to be footage of boardrooms, presentations, and similar serious things.

However, although there’s nothing wrong with wanting this if it works for your business, it doesn’t have to include it at all.

Breaking corporate stereotypes

In fact, you may have a business that isn’t stereotypically ‘corporate’ and you would like it to be taken more seriously. Corporate videos are ideal for showing a fresh side to your business that appeals to those you want to target.

Likewise, you may be the opposite and want to show that your business can do fun. This is also perfectly possible with a corporate video.


Overall, corporate video offers a lot of different possibilities. A big reason for this is not just because it is video.

There are also many different types of corporate video, each of which offers a different angle on your brand. These include explainer videos, animation, social media video, social responsibility videos and much more.


Corporate videos can vary so much in style, purpose and effect. Despite this, you can find the same elements across all of the best corporate videos.

This is what we’re running through today.


What should a corporate video include?

A good video length.

What’s the ideal length for a marketing video? A general rule is to keep it under 3 minutes. More specifically, 1-3 minutes is a good guideline.

Keeping your video short, but not so short that it’s finished in a blink of an eye, will guarantee continued engagement.

Viewers will be more willing to watch a whole video if they know they’re close to the end. It sounds sad, but that’s the reality of our attention spans these days!

What’s more, it means they will stay interested for the video’s whole running time.


A call to action.

A video’s call to action (or CTA) directs the viewer to visit a specific place, such as the company website.

Effectively, a call to action is a way to convert leads from your corporate video. In other words, it encourages viewers to communicate their already-piqued interest by taking that action.

While you may be posting your video on social media, it’s always best to include your CTA in the video as well as in the text of the social media post itself. What’s more, the CTA will have a greater impact if used when the viewer reaches the end of the video.


Subtle sales.

Unless you’re making a deliberately promotional video, keep your sales messages subtle. Going further, we sometimes recommend not to include any at all.

This is because people may love a video but immediately be put off by a hint of sales. Sales break the spell. If they’re present when your video doesn’t need them, you may lose out on big impact.

In reverse, the absence of sales messages often builds brand trust and awareness.

The less distraction, the more focus your video has.


A strong message.

Now, ‘strong’ doesn’t necessarily mean awe-inspiring and larger-than-life.

Rather, a strong message is simply one that is clear and important. It can still be simple – what matters is that there’s no confusion as to what it is.

For example, you might want to show your audience that your company is all about people. Make sure this is the clear theme through your entire corporate video. Use your slogan as a stamp to seal the whole thing up. It could be as simple as ‘We’re about people’. There’s no confusion in that.



Make sure you can watch your corporate video and think, ‘If I was a member of my target audience, I’d share that with my followers.’

Your video has to have an appeal that stretches beyond just yourself or a small circle of people. This requires pushing away your bias and putting yourself in the shoes of your audience.

However, there are obviously running themes that span across all kinds of shareable content. These include production value, eye-catching visuals, and emotional appeal – all of which we’ll talk about in this post!



Regardless of whether your corporate video is fun, serious, or somewhere in between, it’s got to stay professional. This is because you’re telling people about your business, and you want them to take this seriously.

To stay professional, highlight things like:

  • Your excellent customer service.
  • Your smooth company processes.
  • The great way you treat your employees.

It may seem obvious, but avoid things like:

  • Using potentially offensive language.
  • Showing laziness.
  • Alluding to any mistakes.

Showing your company’s professionalism will boost your credibility. It will also increase your chances of being approached by investors, clients, etc.


Emotional appeal.

The number one thing you should be trying to tap into is your audience’s emotions.

Emotion is the biggest driving factor in our purchase decisions, so make sure you’re bringing this appeal. A key way to do this is by storytelling in your video content.

Also, ’emotion’ doesn’t always mean heartwrenching sob stories. Make your audience happy, angry (in a good way – for example, drawing attention to neglected causes), or amused.

Any kind of emotional reaction in your audience is valuable and means they are more likely to share and convert. 


Production value.

As we’ve mentioned above, production value shows professionalism. This is because it implies you’ve put proper work into your content, which in turn reflects the attitude of the company.

Furthermore, this has a knock-on effect, too. Once you’ve shown you’re professional, you will gain brand credibility.


Powerful combinations of audio and visuals.

When audio and visuals come together, it’s like magic. Most of the time. To achieve this ‘WOW’ moment, you need to be combining visuals with the right sound, and vice versa.

Impactful sound may include persuasive voiceover, emotional music, etc.

Make sure they correspond with each other. For example, if you’re explaining how to use a product, make sure the right part of the voiceover plays at a certain step. Otherwise, your viewer will be more confused than when they started.


Customer benefits.

All corporate videos should highlight what’s in it for the customer. Imagine if you tried to make them watch a video about how you’ve benefited from your sales. This would likely make you look self-indulgent and money-hungry.

First, identify your target customer’s ‘pain points’ – their problem that you can solve. Next, tell them exactly how you can help, and why you’re the right company to do that.

Audiences like to know you’re speaking TO them, and not into the ether.


When you’re planning your corporate video, return to this checklist to make sure you’ve got all the right things in there.


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