What Should You Include In A Brand Video?

You’ve probably heard of a product video or a training video. But what exactly is a brand video? The name doesn’t give much away, as pretty much all of the videos you will make as a business point back to your brand in some way. So, we’re going to tell you exactly what it means and how to create the best one for your marketing strategy.


There are arguably two different types of ‘brand video’.


Brand video type 1: Creating positive associations with the brand through entertainment

The first type of brand video is one that entertains or tells some kind of story, but doesn’t aim to directly advertise or promote your brand.

Instead, you are aiming to make sales off positive association alone, which can be a very successful tactic.

For example, we created the video above for pet food company Wagg on behalf of Finn agency. The project was a social media campaign titled ‘Every Dog Has Its Day‘, showing dogs getting their dream days. This wasn’t directly selling pet food, but it created fuzzy feelings in viewers that helped to boost sales.

This type of brand video also help you explain or define your brand in a potentially more effective way than spelling it out for audiences. The most well-known example of this kind of brand video in the UK is probably the John Lewis Christmas adverts.


Brand video type 2: A video that literally promotes your brand through your imagery and messaging

Alternatively, the term ‘brand video’ might be taken a little more literally. It does directly promote the brand, but doesn’t aim to sell products as such – it’s just reinforcing the brand image and messaging.

For instance, the video above is one we created for Crown Security Services as part of their brand refresh. The video outlines the company’s values and heritage using motion graphics, text and stock footage.

Of course, what you should include in your brand video depends on which of these meanings you’re choosing to interpret it with.

Let’s start with definition #1 and probably the more common understanding of ‘brand video’.


What should you include in a brand video that creates positive association using a story?

A compelling and memorable story

What do people look for in a film or TV show when they’re scrolling through Netflix? A story that will stop them in their tracks and get them recommending it to their friends for weeks. This story must include original and impactful plotlines and instantly re-shareable soundbites.

The key challenge is to package this formula up into a 30-second to 3-minute video. Of course, it’s easier said than done, and you’ll need a very talented group of creatives to bring it to life (such as a video production company). However, it’s totally worth it when your brand video goes viral because it’s touched so many!

Loveable characters

Another big part of a brand video that creates positive associations is its characters. After all, a story isn’t a story without them. They have to be as loveable and memorable as their storylines, not to mention original. As a result, viewers will connect and identify with your characters – and, by extension, with your brand!

A subtle nod to your brand – but don’t go overboard

Usually, this is just a logo and slogan (at the most) slotted in at the end of the video. Many TV adverts these days follow this formula. Most of the stories are only very loosely linked to the business and what they sell, but they always have the end card telling you who’s responsible for the magic!

The above list might make a brand video of this type feel quite challenging if you go it alone. However, as we’ve already mentioned, it’s much easier when you work with the experts at a video production company. They’ve got the tools and creative prowess to create something really impactful.


Alternatively, you may be looking for something a little more, shall we say… ‘does what it says on the tin’. As we explained in brand video definition #2, a brand video can simply be a video that reinforces your brand imagery and messaging.

Seems pretty straightforward… but, believe us, there are ways to get it wrong! So, how do you do it well?


What should you include in a brand video that simply reinforces your brand?

Clear and consistent branding

If you haven’t solidified or revamped your branding before making your brand video, this is definitely where you should start. After all, it’s no use going into a video project aiming to raise brand awareness if the brand in question isn’t very coherent to start with.

But what do we mean by branding? Simply, branding is the visuals you use to present your business to the world: logo, imagery, fonts and colours. This is why a lot of these kinds of brand videos feature a heavy use of motion graphics. Motion graphics are often a more attainable and affordable option than a full-blown live-action company film (however, both still have benefits depending on your goals and budget. Find out more about video production costs here.)

To make a successful brand video, your branding has to achieve two things:


  1. Fit well with your business’s purpose and messaging.
  2. Be consistent across the board. Continuing to use the same few colours, fonts and visual styles will leave no stone unturned when it comes to getting across your brand identity.


Another piece of advice that is often true (but not always applicable, mind you) is that simple is often better. If your branding is too busy and all over the place, it won’t work. You won’t be reinforcing your branding by having more and more elements – you’ll just be confusing it further.

Clear brand voice

Brand voice can also seep into ‘branding’, as you can arguably see it as one and the same. However, brand voice can take on a life of its own and become its own beast to tackle.

Therefore, make sure you’ve pinned down how you want your brand to speak to customers and about itself. Will it be quirky and funny? Sophisticated and refined? Down with the kids or appealing to an older generation? It’s totally up to you, but it has to make sense for your business.

In addition, what we mean by ‘voice’ also depends on whether you have a speaker in your video or you’re using solely text.

If you’ve got a speaker, take into account their voice and demeanour as well as their words. Getting this right is easier when you use a member of staff to star in your video, but it takes more thought when you’re hiring a voice artist or actor. However, if you’re only using text on the screen, it is a little easier to focus on the words themselves.

Nevertheless, you are still able to reinforce your brand voice if you use subtitles for spoken words. This both helps you to get your brand across and, of course, allows your video to be more accessible.

Your values and ethos

Another big part of a successful brand video of this type is shouting about what you believe in. Your values define what you do as a business, so this is a very important facet of your brand. Therefore, make sure they’re crystal clear to audiences!

For example, you can communicate your values by representing them using symbols or text. Again, how these look should be consistent with your branding itself.

Furthermore, if you’re using a bit of live-action footage, what this footage shows should also reflect what your business believes in. For instance, you could champion good customer service by showing an enthusiastic member of staff helping a happy customer.


Key things to remember

Whichever type of brand video you’re aiming to make, they do have some things in common. Firstly, you want to deliver a message that your audience will associate with your brand for a very long time.

Secondly, you want it to be shareable. Yes, a heart-warming story that has little to no relevance to your products might stand a better chance of going viral; however, you can still produce a really impressive video that achieves your goals with the bare bones of what your brand is about. Again, that’s where the experts come in. Wink wink.


If you are looking for that assistance with your video marketing, get in touch with Stada Media today. We’re a team of Wakefield-based video experts with a passion for the best video content – and YOUR business.

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