What Should You Include In An ‘About Us’ Corporate Video?

Yes, to introduce your company to new customers, you could just write a brochure. Or a webpage. Or an email. But why would you use any of those things, when an ‘About Us’ corporate video can deliver much more exciting results?


For at least the last 5 years, and arguably the last decade, video has time and time again proven itself to be the marketing tool to watch. For example, 49% of marketers say that video helps them engage their audience. What’s more, 52% of marketers say that video helps them build trust with potential customers (Biteable).

When you introduce your audience to your business through video, they’re transported right into your business itself. They’re not just reading a text or glancing at a picture they can disregard with the first distraction. Instead, they’re fully immersed, itching to know more about how you can help them.

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So, what should an ‘About Us’ corporate video include?

It’s good to remember that a marketing video should always be kept fairly short. Therefore, although we’re saying you should include all of these elements, they can be fairly brief. You only need to cover the most important aspects of each before moving on; this keeps your video at an engaging pace!



Check out a few examples of ‘About Us’ corporate videos here that we’ve produced for clients:


BSP Hydraulics
TQ Security


1. Your products or services

First up, the main event: what you’re selling. An ‘About Us’ corporate video shouldn’t be TOO salesy, but it’s got to talk about your products or services somewhere. They’re what make your business!

When talking about your products or services, make sure you’re clearly highlighting the benefits they bring to customers. As a result, this will show why you’re selling them in the first place, as well as getting your viewers’ attention!

Furthermore, when you introduce your products or services this has got to link smoothly to other areas of your business. For example, you’ve got to show how they fit with your values, where you’re based and your company story.

As we said before, don’t linger TOO long on your products and services. After all, you can make separate product videos to go into more detail about those. This is more of a company overview video, looking at your business as a whole.


2. Where you’re based

Where your business operates can contribute a lot to the image you present to future customers.

For instance, you might help local business. So, your ‘About Us’ corporate video should have a strong focus on your local area and your influence within it. For example, we’re based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire, so we’d focus our video on this area.

Alternatively, you may use a factory or construction site. If so, make sure your video does these locations justice and gives the viewer a good look around.

Whatever your business, wherever you’re based – you need to show how that place informs how you operate, and what impact you have on it in return!


3. Your company story

Your company story includes how you started, how you got to where you are now and where you’re going next.

This is a great opportunity to add more depth to people’s perceptions of your company in your ‘About Us’ corporate video. For example, including old photos of when your business was founded. Alternatively, if your business is new, this is simply another angle to take advantage of. The fact that you’re the founder of the business has its own benefits when communicating that in a video; it shows your passion and drive, attracting customers and building trust!

Whatever your story, video will tell it well.


4. Your team

Customers invest in people. Therefore, your ‘About Us’ corporate video has to highlight the people that make your company what it is. After all, the clue’s in the name – ‘us’!

Try to give a good overview of the whole team, from senior management to the more junior roles. As a result, your audience will see exactly how every person’s role contributes to the end product or service. Furthermore, demonstrating your team’s passion and skills will again build trust in your company that you won’t let customers down.

Moreover, aim to showcase your team’s personalities. Giving your corporate video a more human edge draws more customers in through pure intrigue and familiarity.


5. Your company values

Your company values show what you really care about as a business. What’s more, they do a lot of the work in defining you. So, make sure they feature in your ‘About Us’ corporate video!

You might show these through motion graphics, which is a wise option if you want to communicate ideas clearly and simply. If you use motion graphics, your values could be represented through moving icons.

You may also want to include footage that shows you fulfilling these values. For example, a value of excellent customer service might be demonstrated by footage of your staff helping a happy customer.

Whatever your company values, your video should leave your viewers in no doubt as to what they are – and by extension, what will drive you when you help THEM.


6. What makes you stand out

Speaking of company values, do yours set you apart from your competitors? If so, how?

Alternatively, there might be other things about your business that make you stand out. You might be developing a very innovative product that will benefit a large target market. Or, you could be significantly more experienced than other competitors in your area, so customers have more trust in you.

What makes you stand out is definitely a huge part of who you are as a business. Don’t forget to shout it loud!


Feeling more confident to create an ‘About Us’ corporate video for your business? Use this blog post as a checklist for the things you’re going to include. The more accurate and comprehensive the overview of your business, the more appeal you offer to customers!

If you’re thinking of expanding your video marketing beyond this, check out these 5 killer corporate video ideas. Then, read our more general overview of what a corporate video should include.



Stada Media is a team of bespoke video production experts based in Wakefield, West Yorkshire. Get in touch with us about your next video and we’ll show you what we can achieve for your business!

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