Video Production Equipment: A Definitive Guide

What else do you need once you’ve got the right people, skills and knowledge to use in your video? You still need the right video production equipment – not only that, but the best you can get your hands on.


You may not have the budget to buy all of this equipment yourself. However, simply having a better knowledge of what’s needed is beneficial. It also highlights how much expertise a video production company has on not just how to shoot a good video, but the ins and outs of the equipment itself.

Watch the video below for our Creative Lead Ben’s top 5 pieces of video production equipment.

Read the rest of the post for the full rundown of everything a video agency might offer! We also explain why they’re advantageous to have at your disposal.


Cameras and related accessories

Video camera

The first thing we think of when talking about video production equipment is the camera. You obviously need a video camera for a video project – but it needs to be a good one.

A video production company will have a sophisticated and professional camera for you to take advantage of for your company’s video. The best video camera will ensure your video has an advanced and professional feel.


A tripod will allow your video production team to go hands-free when required or preferred. In turn, the stability a tripod offers will ensure steady shots and smooth pans.


Different lenses create different visual effects, and a video production company will have an excellent stock of various lenses.

Examples may include zoom, polarizer, and wide range.

Shoulder mount

This video production equipment is a great alternative to a tripod in scenes where you may need to run and film. A shoulder mount offers steadier footage, which amps up the quality of your video.


Your video may even benefit from the use of a drone. Thankfully, a lot of video production companies will have these in their store of video production equipment.

Drones provide that big, ‘Hollywood’ effect of sweeping landscapes and similar wide shots. Companies may want to use them if they want to show off their large site.


Sound equipment


This might include a shotgun microphone, which is great for spontaneous situations where you need one quickly.

Alternatively, a video production company may also have wireless mics, portable audio recorders, and audio cables in their video production equipment.

These give you a lot of flexibility. For example, you may use a portable audio recorder when a subject is walking.

Boom pole

A boom pole, with the addition of a shotgun mic and a shock mount (below), helps you record sound in busy settings. For example, crowded environments or a group interview.

Shock mount

Simply, a shock mount keeps a mic steady on top of a boom pole. This eliminates ‘bumping’ sounds coming from the mic when the pole moves around.


It might seem like a basic one compared to other video production equipment. However, a video production company will have excellent quality headphones. The higher the quality, the more accurate the sound will be. This avoids you coming back from the shoot and realising the sound is awful! What’s more, it’s crucial to monitor the video’s sound at all times while shooting.


Lighting equipment

The next crucial section in video production equipment needs to be lighting. Good lighting can transform a video from dull to seriously impressive.

Camera light

In situations where you might not have the time for a full 3-point lighting set-up, a video production company may have a camera light. This is a great way of easily filling in unpleasant-looking shadows through the camera.

Lighting kit

If your video shoot is predominantly inside, a video production company will have a lighting kit to create the best light possible. A common example is a 3-way lighting kit.

Light reflector

A light reflector can immediately improve your scene without the heavy lifting of a lighting kit.


Practical essentials

After your main video production equipment is sorted, you can’t forget these lifesavers. They don’t actually directly help you film a good video; nevertheless, they’re essential in backing up what you DO film and protecting your kit.

Extra batteries

Avoid the nightmare of losing all of your footage! A video production company will have experience of being extra-prepared on a shoot.

External hard drive

Once you’ve got that raw footage filmed, you need to put it somewhere safe as soon as possible. Similar to above, you don’t want to lose all of that hard work!

Camera bag

Again, it may seem like a small one. However, video production companies cart around their kit all the time. This means they will have invested in the best bags and cases to transport it in. These quality investments will keep their equipment safe from knocks.


Did you know there was this much video production equipment involved in producing a video for your business? Hopefully, with a wider knowledge of the required equipment, you now have a better idea of what video production can achieve for you!

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Let’s continue the conversation about your next project. How can Stada Media’s video expertise help you? Get in touch with us about video production today.

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