Why Animated Explainer Videos Are So Effective In Marketing

In a world of ever-decreasing attention spans, your website content has to work harder than ever to keep a viewer’s attention. But when the product or service you’re promoting is complex, where do you start? Animated explainer videos, that’s where.

As any animation company will tell you, an animated video is just about the perfect medium for the vast majority of explainer videos you’re ever likely to need. But why, you ask?

Before we delve into why animation is so important, we first need to talk explainer videos. What is an explainer video? Let us – er – explain.


What is an explainer video?

Half the answer is in the name – an explainer video is a video that teaches you about a product, service, or idea. These are often complex things that need simplifying to increase their appeal to customers, such as technology software. For example, a new app that helps to manage data or information – if it’s fairly detailed or innovative, you’re best providing a helpful explainer video.

Furthermore, explainer videos are often 1-3 minutes long to appeal to people’s decreasing attention spans; plus, an explainer video company will often feature a clear and engaging voiceover in the video, taking viewers through the product, service or concept.


Take a look at this example. This is an animated explainer video we created for EMIS Health to explain their new digitisation service:

You spotted it – this explainer video is also animated, which is very important for the rest of this post. Stay tuned.


So, now you know what an explainer video is – but why should you make it animated?

Yes, technically, you can use live-action for your explainer video. It’s exactly the same thing, except you are filming real people in a real location.

For example, this might be someone sitting at a computer, taking the viewer through a new piece of software. Alternatively, it might be more of a product demonstration video. (Many types of video often overlap in their labels and functions – don’t worry too much about it!)

Anyway, where were we? Ah, yes – animated explainer videos. Well, we’re about to tell you why they are so effective – for your business’ communication, sales, and brand identity.


Why should I choose an animated explainer video?

Animation simplifies complex ideas.

As we said above, explainer videos simplify complex ideas – but animation can make this even more successful. When the visuals themselves are sleek and simple, no matter the concept you are explaining, the brain is immediately at ease.

A busier or more detailed visual may be intimidating to the viewer. However, keeping it as simple as possible retains their engagement and understanding.


Animation strengthens your branding.

With animated explainer videos, you can more easily solidify branding, such as colours and fonts. For example, if your main brand colour is blue, you want to keep this appearing throughout your video. Depending on what you have in your animation, an example of this could be making your characters consistently wear blue.

In addition, a lot of brands are recognisable for their distinct animation style. Establish one for your own brand and increase its awareness, recognition and recall.


Animation is universally appealing.

Remember watching cartoons as a child? What about that one you watched over and over, to the amusement of your parents? That fascination doesn’t really go away – it just pops up in different ways.

Animated explainer videos can have the same effect, on people of any age. Animation is comforting, satisfying and full of character – something we humans love. Why not tap into this in your marketing?


Animation is impressive to the viewer.

Similar to the above, animation impresses your customers. This is because it’s a specialism, something that only a few people – including an explainer video company – are skilled at. Therefore, animated explainer videos are going to get that bit more appreciation for the work put into them.

Often, even if it wasn’t as hard to create as people think, your audience won’t know it. For example, motion graphics videos are considerably simpler to produce than 2D animation from scratch. However, many people who are not in the know – maybe this is you, too – will view them as one and the same. (Click here to learn the difference between motion graphics and animation.)


Animation is memorable.

Similar to improving brand recall, animated explainer videos will have you thinking about them for a while afterwards – if they’re good enough. This is because animation has its own character, its own magic touch that cannot be entirely replicated. It’s basically a conversation-making, sought-after product in itself. So, use it for your brand to achieve this status, too.

Memorable videos will mean higher customer engagement – in other words, more shares, repeated views, and more conversation around your brand. Harness this with an animated explainer video.


Animation is especially effective when short.

Animated explainer videos, and video in general, is the master at fitting more valuable information into as short a time as 30 seconds than any other medium could. Animation, especially, can capture your audience in no time at all by using eye-catching visuals, smooth transitions and pleasing, brand-relevant colours.


Animation attaches positive associations to your brand.

Animation’s powers also include creating an emotional connection with viewers. Then, these emotions turn into positive associations with the brand who shared the animation. In turn, this can only have positive knock-on effects on customer numbers, engagement, traffic and sales.


Animation is great for subtle sales.

You don’t need to push sales messages in your audience’s faces with animated explainer videos. It can simply BE, doing all the work for you without being too expositional.

People hate to be bombarded with sales, and more often purchase based on genuine enjoyment of content. Make sure you’re not annoying your audience, even if your content is objectively good quality.


Why not try an animated explainer video for your business? It will explain your products and services with ease; effortlessly engage your viewers; improve your engagement; and boost your sales to record heights. What’s not to love?

We recommend hiring an explainer video company to guarantee your video is the best quality it can be. They’ll have the experience and expertise to produce just what you’re looking for.


Talk to Stada Media today about your animated explainer video. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something else, we do all kinds of video production – live-action, 3D, live streaming and more!

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