Why Do I Need A Product Video?

Many brands today will know that they need video to get ahead in all areas of their business, especially in selling their products. However, many won’t. If you’re selling a product and you want it to sell well, a product video will elevate your communication drastically.


A product video can help your business in so many ways, they almost each need a blog post of their own. Nevertheless, we’ve gathered the top reasons why you should take advantage of product videos in this handy blog post. Bookmark it for future reference, and if you’re ever thinking about giving up on video, refresh your memory of all of its benefits!

Just check out this example. We created this product video for cosmetics company Plump It! to shout about their lip plumper:

The video leaves a great impression of the product and highlights its benefits in a very short space of time.


So, let’s jump right into it. We’re starting with a benefit that has become increasingly true in a post-COVID world: trust.


Gaining customer trust

Especially over the past year, but prior to this too, your business may have found itself in a situation where it can’t show its products to customers in person. This could be due to a number of reasons. You’ve had to close (due to the pandemic, for example), your product’s not been made yet or you’re selling worldwide where customers can’t easily travel to see your product.

Whatever your problem is, a product video can be your new salesperson transcending barriers of the natural, the geographical and the language kind. The internet is a magical place: you can post your product video online and people from all over the world can see it instantly. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about getting enough people to attend your presentation or think your sales will crumble because you can’t open your premises.

So, when people can’t come and see your product in person, they have to somehow find that trust that it will work for them. Therefore, video is the best and only answer to this problem. It combines eye-catching visuals, engaging sound and lifelike movement to really captivate an audience.

Video can increase customers’ trust in your product’s quality, how it works, its benefits and its features. And all you need to do is sit back and let it do its work!

Learn more about building brand trust with video here.


Improving understanding of your product

Similar to above, a product video will also improve customers’ understanding of your product. As a result, you’ll ease the pressure off your customer service team who may often get the same questions from every customer who comes through the door (or the metaphorical one).

Therefore, product videos are similar to explainer videos in this sense; they make a product more straightforward in a customer’s head. However, explainer videos go even further in-depth to educate viewers – find out more about the benefits of explainer videos here.


Reuse and recycle – but not reduce!

You can embed, post and share your product video over and over again in many different places. This is because product videos, and videos in general, are super versatile in where they can catch audiences’ attention. Furthermore, it’s no secret that video is a bit of an investment (learn more about video production costs here), so you should get the most value and opportunities out of it as possible!

Some examples of where you could share your video:

  • Your website, e.g. your product pages – we’ll talk more about this in a moment…
  • Social media
  • Emails
  • Presentations
  • Displayed at your premises, e.g. in the entrance lobby

Sprucing up your product pages

So, you already know that putting a video on your website is beneficial – but why? You can learn more about why you should have a video on your website here, but here’s the short of it: it will help you rank higher in search results. That’s right! Google LOVES video, so much so that it prioritises video content in its results. This is because video is an engaging, convenient and digestible source of content that many people opt for over text or images alone. Find out more about video marketing SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) here.

Furthermore, having a video on your website will reduce its bounce rate (the speed at which people leave your site after entering it) and help audiences to get a much better feel for your company.

But why your product pages?

A product video on a product page will increase your sales and make the user experience much more enjoyable. This is because instead of a static image, your website visitors can actually WATCH your product in motion and see it from all angles. As a result, this is a much more immersive, and therefore persuasive, experience than clicking through some still pictures – or even just reading through a bit of text. No matter how well it’s written, it still won’t gain you that customer trust and enthusiasm like video can.

For example, you may want to keep your images but simply add video as an option to get a more immersive look at your product. Alternatively, you might want to scrap your still images altogether and put an autoplaying video in their place. As a result, your visitors will have no choice but to get the best look at your product straight away, speeding up the interest.


Acts as an extension of your sales team

Finally, a product video can lift a significant weight off your shoulders in terms of sales. You might still be a small or growing business and going through teething issues. Therefore, having a product video to use for sales can be a lifesaver for your business.

With an engaging speaker or voiceover, memorable visuals and appealing pace, a video can be the best sales presentation you’ve ever had. Give your sales team (if you’ve even got one at this stage!) a breather by letting the video do a lot of the work!


A product video is invaluable for your business. It can boost customer trust, increase customer understanding, provide you with endless content opportunities and vastly improve your sales. Is there ANYTHING video can’t do? We’ll wait…


If you need a helping (and expert) hand with your video marketing, look no further. Stada Media is a completely in-house video production agency with years of experience in creating ‘WOW’ for clients across the UK. Get in touch with us now!

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