Why Graphics Are Important For Your Content Strategy

While video reigns supreme, there are many other types of visual content packing a big punch today. Graphics, for example, are an eye-catching and cost-effective way to flesh out your content. In this post, we’re going to tell you why graphics are important for your content strategy.

Think punchy statistics, useful tips and tricks and informative infographics. All incredibly effective in capturing your audience’s attention!

Smartphones and social media continue to develop so users can access content beyond text. Therefore, visuals are steadily becoming online marketing’s driving force. In fact, 60.8% of digital marketers considered visual content as “absolutely necessary” to their marketing strategy.

Here are a few key reasons why graphics are important for your content on social media.

People are visual learners

Up to 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. So, it’s no surprise that people respond well to great design.

Unlike text-heavy content, graphics are eye-catching and easy to process. In an age of immediate gratification, they’re a great way to communicate quickly.

Social media is becoming more image-centric

As users continue to favour visual content, social media platforms are taking note.

There are platforms focused entirely around imagery, such as Instagram, Pinterest and Snapchat. Not only this, but Facebook and Twitter are continually adapting to further emphasise visual content.

This alone is a big enough reason why graphics are important for your content strategy.

Increasing your use of eye-catching imagery is a sure-fire way to ensure your content stands out. We see a constant stream of similar content in our feeds, so combat this by being different.

Visual content is more engaging

A recent study showed that Facebook posts with images see 2.3x more engagement than those without images. That statistic is hard to ignore.

Share clean and concise graphics that present compelling and relevant information. If you do this regularly, you’re likely to notice an increase in likes, shares and comments.

Graphic design reinforces branding

This may be the longest-standing reason why graphics are important for your content. With the use of a consistent font, logo and colour palette, graphics are a fantastic way to personalise and reinforce your branding.

What would Coca-Cola be without its red and white logo? Or McDonald’s without its golden arch?

If you do all this, users will soon begin to associate the visuals they see with your business. Top-of-mind awareness will increase among potential customers. As a result, they will want to discover more about your brand and choose you over competitors.

Interested in boosting your social media content with compelling visuals? We’ve expanded our services to include graphic design!

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