Why Is Design Important? An Interview With Our Designer Tony Shephard

Design gives a brand identity, personality, and credibility with its audience. It breathes life into any marketing content it touches, so it’s no surprise that design in video marketing is absolutely crucial. We spoke to our in-house Designer, Tony Shephard, for his thoughts on the field and his role within it.


blog - why is design important? an interview with our designer tony shephard


When did you first start out in design?

Much to my parents’ temporary relief, I got a ‘proper’ job on a building site straight after leaving art college. Then, after one winter, I saw the benefit of working in a nice warm design studio. So, I reverted to Plan A. I’m terrible at dates, but that was 30+ years ago.


What design work do you enjoy doing most?

There’s things to like about everything, from the most complex to the most simple. I’ve been lucky enough to design a few books and that’s been great. I really like designing for people who care about design; it’s like you’re working with them rather than for them.


What do you enjoy the most about design?

It’s lovely when you can just start with an inkling of an idea and see where it goes. You usually get the chance to do that on more creative briefs.


What do you find most challenging about design?

When the person you’re designing for doesn’t trust you to design and wants to micro-manage everything. It ends up being a bit of a battle, and they end up just getting what they want… which isn’t always what they need.


Do you prefer working on paper or on a computer?

When I started, everything was on paper – with pens and pencils and sticky stuff! Then we got computers and everything ended up being on computers. I probably do more on paper now than I have done for a long, long time – storyboards, etcetera. I think I could live without paper, but things would be weird without a computer.


blog - why is design important? an interview with our designer tony shephard


What software do you use for your design work?

Adobe Creative Suite – so Illustrator, Indesign and Photoshop.


What’s your favourite design software to work with?

For ages I used ‘freehand’, probably long after it was obsolete. Then I moved to InDesign, and now I’m really starting to use Illustrator more and more. Photoshop’s been a consistent presence.


Why is design important?

It’s communication’s fairy dust.


Are there any new things in design you haven’t yet explored that you’d like to?

I’m bewitched by 3D. I tentatively dipped my toe in a while back, thinking, “how hard can it be?” Soon, I realised why it takes a whole university course and running up a load of student debt to even get started!


Any more thoughts?

How long have you got?

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