Why Is Storytelling Important In Video Marketing In 2021?

If there’s one thing we strive for in our work here at Stada Media, it’s storytelling. Storytelling is as old as time and is what has kept humanity going since the beginning. Today, businesses still use storytelling every day to inspire their customers – especially in video form. Therefore, we’re here to answer the question: why is storytelling important in video marketing today?


Before we go into the specifics, there’s one important thing to remember: marketing – all types of it – is storytelling, and should always tell some kind of story. You’re bringing your audience on a journey – whether that’s your own as a business, or a fictional one that speaks to your brand. At the end of it, they should want to stick with you to experience even more. In addition, video is simply an even more effective way to tell these stories. But why is it so important in video marketing specifically?

First, take this example from our own video production portfolio.


Promotional storytelling for Guildford City FC

We created this video for Guildford City FC to promote the club’s growth, dreams and ambitions. How did we do this in a way that caught the viewer’s attention and touched their emotions? We told a story.

The video tells the inspiring story of the club and the city it calls its home, Guildford. What’s more, it’s not just the story of the players, but everyone in the stands and beyond. The fact that everyone has a part in Guildford City FC’s story is what makes the video so impactful for anyone to watch, even if you’re not a football fan. The spirit of people coming together is relatable to anyone, and that’s what we wanted to achieve with this video.

So, now let’s answer the all-important question in more detail.


Why is storytelling important in video marketing?


You can take advantage of video’s emotional tools

Think about the things video has to offer that text and imagery alone do not. Sound, moving visuals, a deeper sense of pace and a feeling of immersion. When you’re watching a video, you’re being taken on a journey with a character or a set of ideas. What’s more, you’re almost experiencing the very same things as you watch.

Therefore, don’t just leave your story as a scribble on a page. Instead, incorporate this higher level of immersion into your strategy. Why is storytelling important in video marketing? Because video can help you tell your story in the way it deserves to be told. With high-quality visuals, smooth sound and a sense of completeness.


It shows you’re not all about selling

Even in video marketing, where you’ve got more opportunities to be creative, it’s (ironically) easy to fall into the trap of the hard sell. However, if you incorporate a bit of humanity into your video marketing, selling suddenly becomes storytelling.

A great story can make your audience feel like they’re not watching a piece of content from a business. Instead, they’ll simply be swept away with the emotions and messages of the video. As a result, it’s even more impactful, because viewers are more likely to share and start conversations about your content. This is exciting when you take into account that social video in general already generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.


Stories teach your audience lessons – so boost this with video

The main impact of any story we hear is the lessons it teaches us. These might be lessons about society or lessons about ourselves. However, in marketing, they may also be lessons about a product or service that might benefit us.

For example, you might tell the story of a character with a particular problem that the target audience can relate to. The character uses the product or service, and suddenly, all their problems are solved. However, this is all cleverly parcelled up in a well-told story to entertain the viewer.


You can tell the stories of underrepresented people

Storytelling is especially important today because we are increasingly uncovering those untold stories of underrepresented groups. And it’s working – according to Microsoft Advertising, 70% of Gen Z consumers are more trusting of brands that represent diversity in ads. Similarly, one example is that 69% of Black consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand whose advertising positively reflects their race or ethnicity.

This shows that storytelling isn’t just unicorns and fairies. When stories are rooted in real experiences, they can deliver real results for brands.

So, why is storytelling important when using video marketing to represent minority groups? Well, it’s simple. People can literally see themselves reflected in those on screen, giving them a greater sense of belonging. What’s more powerful than that?

Learn more about social responsibility in marketing here.


It makes your business stand out

Today’s marketplace is full of the same bog-standard statements, buzzwords and empty promises. Customers know this, and are quick to recognise when brands are simply exaggerating to get sales. This can make marketing feel like a very cold and robotic place, obsessed with revenue and traffic.

However, there’s a way to get your audience’s trust back and stand tall above the rest. Making your content a little (well, a lot) more human. For example, when was the last time you introduced them to your team and all their quirks? What about the values your company holds translated into a heart-warming advert with loveable characters?

Finding what makes your business human is the key to getting back on your audience’s side.


It simplifies complex or boring information

Stories are also a great way of turning a complicated or dry subject into something entertaining and memorable. As a result, your product or service begins to represent an idea or feeling beyond the thing itself. No matter what you sell, you can make your customers associate it with a great story!

Another type of video that simplifies complex ideas is an explainer video. Find out more about how explainer videos could complement your marketing strategy here.


It builds an identity for your audience to aspire to

As the audience, storytelling often brings out in us what we secretly aspire to be. For a few examples, we might want to be healthier, more organised, or better connected with those around us. These aspirations can be tapped into with a great story, showing characters doing or being what we strive for.

As a result, your brand creates a new group identity that people assume when they use your product or service. That way, they’re not just buying into the product or service itself – they’re buying into the brand. This is much more powerful and has a lot more longevity than a product they can pick up then throw away without a thought.


So, we hope that as you’ve read this post you’ve thought of some ways you could tap into your business’ storytelling along the way. A story is an amazing way to cement your relationship with your customers outside of sales. What’s yours going to be?


If you need help telling your story, Stada Media can help. We’re a full content production house striving to create WOW for your audience. Get in touch with us about video production and marketing today!

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