Why It’s Important to Continue Marketing Through Tough Times: Our Top Tips

The outbreak of COVID-19 has forced us all to change our daily lives and future plans in the blink of an eye – not just marketers.

But marketing during coronavirus and how it is carried out will have a huge impact on customer attitudes and brands’ traffic; not just during the crisis, but long in the future.


With everyone being told to social distance and stay at home, marketers are being forced to be more creative and think outside the box.

Alternative routes, ideas and solutions can only be good for brands which could previously rely on various methods such as event and experiential marketing.

If it’s not just customers stuck at home but the people marketing to them as well, it’s making them think more innovatively about how to hold the attention of these newly bored and isolated customers.

The KEY word in all of this? ONLINE!


How you can harness your customers’ newly-increased online presence


Ramp up email marketing efforts

You should already have a newsletter (and if you don’t, where have you been?), so ramp up your efforts in keeping and gaining subscribers now they’re more often on their computers.


This involves making sure your email campaigns are more engaging and tailor-made than ever.


Polish your website

Ensure your ‘shop window’ is well optimised for search (as we’ll come to in a minute) and has a great user experience to increase online conversions.

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Boost your social media presence

What will your customers be doing more of if they’re spending more time on the sofa? Scrolling down their social media feeds.

When marketing during coronavirus, increase the frequency of your posts to match the rise in consumption. You may find that usual peak usage times have gone out of the window.

In doing this, remain sensitive to the current climate, offering your followers support and guidance rather than acting as another anxiety-inducing news outlet.

Think about what you might be worrying about right now, and remember to apply this to your customers.


Refine your SEO and amplify your paid media

With more people searching online, you need to ensure your SEO is top-notch in order to reach (or stay at) the top of those results lists.

Similarly, more eyes on screens means more opportunity to be seen through paid media – video ads, display ads, social media ads, and more.

Speaking of video ads…



Let us emphasise video here – it continues to be the most effective form of marketing for its combined sensory impact on viewers. People will spend 100 minutes a day watching video in 2021.

At Stada Media we specialise in WOW-worthy video marketing – just click here to see our past work.

Of course, in the current climate video marketing during coronavirus will be largely be limited to animation. However, this definitely isn’t a drawback.

In fact, if your brand hasn’t dipped its toes into animated video yet, the flexibility and creativity it offers may boost your traffic to heights you’ve never seen before.


Turn your events digital!

On average, about 30-40% of marketing budgets are put aside for face-to-face events, including travel and expenses. Don’t outright cancel that conference, presentation, meeting or networking event.

Ensure it still happens online by organising a livestream or video conference and invite the guests who were going to attend.

Doing this also enables you to reach many more people beyond the scope of your original event – think global!


While these might sound like actions you’re being ‘forced’ to take, you should view them as OPPORTUNITIES to fine-tune your brand’s marketing during coronavirus and continue to reach your audience at a time of need.


While times are tough, they are also offering a more focused perspective for marketers and drawing almost everything into the online space.


But will this be an equal playing field for everyone?


Naturally, during this crisis the industries that have experienced spikes of up to 30% have been finance, food, and healthcare.


If your brand falls into one of these industries, lucky for you – you’ll have a head start in maintaining your customer base.

If it doesn’t, it doesn’t mean inevitable ruin.

The solution right now is to work with what we have, which in turn will allow us to be more creative and unique in our marketing efforts.

Whatever your industry, if your customers feel seen and supported by your brand as opposed to insulted with tone-deaf advertising, they’re more likely to stay.

An important thing to keep in mind at this moment is business continuity. If you give up on your marketing now, you’ll need to start from the bottom up when things get better.

However, if you’re consistent with your marketing, you’ll keep and gain those loyal customers and connections that will remember you for your honest support through the hard times.


While everyone navigates this new and unfamiliar situation, it’s important above all else that everyone stays safe and stays at home if they possibly can.

The Stada Media team are still doing all we can with the resources we have remotely, and we’re enjoying being able to get creative and see what we can achieve in this limiting period.


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