Why Video Is Cost-Effective Marketing For Small Businesses

As a small business, you might feel like marketing simply eats up all your money with not much to show. It’s true, marketing for small businesses often involves a lot of trial and error. However, when you give video a shot, it’s guaranteed to deliver some great results.


Video marketing boasts a lot of exciting benefits for a small business like yours. For example, video is a much more engaging medium than text or images alone; harnessing the power of sight and sound, it sticks in audiences’ heads for much longer.

Similarly, it’s great at explaining complex ideas in a straightforward and appealing way. As a result, it’s very effective at growing your audience and subsequently boosting your sales.

However, we’re also not going to pretend that video is cheap. Furthermore, we know that small businesses don’t have a lot of cash to throw around (after all, we’ve been there!). So, it’s an investment, but one that will continue to pay dividends over and OVER again. Biteable found that 74% of marketers said video has a better return on investment than static imagery.

Besides, you don’t need to start with a video on the high end of the cost scale. There are short and simple video options that suit smaller budgets, which you’ll likely have if you’re still a growing business!

So, let’s have a look at what different kinds of video might cost you, before diving into the reasons WHY it’s such a good investment.


How much does a video usually cost?

This is a broad question, and one we’d need a whole blog post to answer properly. And what do you know? We’ve written a guide on video production costs to give you more insight into how we price our videos. In addition, find out how much it costs to produce a 5-minute video here. Finally, if it’s animation you’re after, read about how much an animated video costs.

Meanwhile, for a quick summary, cost really depends on what your video includes. It can range from a few thousand pounds to hundreds of thousands; the factors that inform this pricing are things like video length and advanced techniques such as 3D.

However, any price that makes you wince will seem much more reasonable when you learn about video’s benefits. Having a video, or a few videos, in your arsenal will bring you many long-term benefits. So, let’s see what they are…


The long-term benefits of video for your small business

Video acts as your salesperson

Video allows a small business to sell its product or service more effectively – especially when you don’t yet have a sales team. View video as your sales wingman – when you can’t afford a sales team, let your video do the selling. It can be your product specialist, your technical support and your customer services all in one!

Use your video in sales pitches, front and centre on your website and on your social media to sell your products or services without having to recruit (yet!).


Brings in more traffic to your website

When marketing for small businesses, it’s important to distribute a video on multiple different channels, such as YouTubesocial media and emails. As a result, you’ll be maximising traffic to your website.

Yes, if you post your video on your website, it’ll show up on Google (even towards the top, with a bit of video marketing SEO magic). However, if this is the ONLY place you share it, you’re limiting your opportunities.

And why do more people visit your website if you post a video? Simply, your content engages and excites them more, so they want to see what you’re about. Furthermore, a video promoting a product could persuade a customer to visit your product page more than a plain text post.


Improves your search engine ranking

We’ve already dropped in a mention of video marketing SEO in this post – but what exactly is it?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation and is the process of improving your content so it ranks higher in search engine results. To do this, you often need to include keywords relevant to the search terms you want to target. Furthermore, you need to ensure your content is eye-catching to the searcher.

So, where does video fit into all this? Well, Google LOVES video – so much that it often prioritises it before anything else in search results. This is great news if you’re posting videos that answer common search queries in your field. Therefore, in marketing for small businesses, video SEO is an exciting strategy to jump on.

However, you still need to do a bit of work to get your videos to rank well. For example, you should use a clear and snappy title including your target keywords; same for your video’s description, but this can be a bit longer. This is for the viewers’ benefit, so they know what your video is about. On the other hand, it’s also for Google’s benefit, so it knows how to categorise your content.

Finally, make sure your video has an eye-catching thumbnail – not just a random blurry frame!

So, if you continue posting clearly optimised videos, your business will climb up the search engine rankings over time. As a result, this has great long-term benefits for your small business, improving your visibility and boosting your traffic.


Increases customer confidence and nurtures long-term customer relationships

When customers understand your product or service better, they’re more confident in it. And when they’re more confident in it, they’re more likely to be a repeat customer! 

Maintaining long-standing customers is particularly crucial for small businesses, who really need that loyalty to remain stable. Especially if your service is B2B (business-to-business), developing long-term customer relationships will keep them coming back for more.

Therefore, that’s why video marketing for small businesses is so important. As we’ve explained, video teaches your customers about your business better than the best diagram, piece of text or teacher on earth! Its use of engaging visuals and audio mean your customers will feel more inclined to take that next step in the buyer journey.


And from all of the above… video will boost your sales

Of course, this is what’s going to be on the brain when marketing for small businesses. How can my video marketing efforts increase my revenue?

Never fear – all of the above benefits will definitely lead to a boost in your sales. More people are seeing, clicking on and sharing your content. Furthermore, you’re welcoming more visitors to your website. Resultingly, your enquiries will definitely have something to show for it!

Additionally, video is a great sales tool for pitch presentations. Wake up your prospects with exciting sights and sounds, and have them talking about your video long after you’re gone.


Brings the return on investment you need to grow

Overall, video definitely brings you the return on investment you expect – and so much more. With so many long-term benefits in marketing for small businesses, video definitely makes up for its cost. If you’re looking for another statistic to bowl you over, listen to this. 68% of marketers say video has a better return on investment than Google Ads!

As a result, the healthy ROI will allow you to develop your small business, expand your services and grow your team. What’s more, you can continue using video to shout about all these achievements – giving you further success! 


Marketing for small businesses is no easy feat, especially when you start out with no one knowing or caring about your products! However, video marketing can definitely use its many strengths to speed it along.


If you’d like some help with your video marketing, Stada Media is a professional video production company. We produce amazing bespoke videos for businesses across the UK, and you could be one of them! Get in touch with us about video production today.

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