Why You Should Be Creating Explainer Videos For Marketing

We’ve shouted about video countless times before on this blog, and there’s a reason for this: in 2020, explainer videos for marketing will be bigger than it ever has been, with the average person watching over 1 and a half hours of video content in a day.

An explainer video is a short and memorable way a company can use to show how their product or service works.

This could be a list of benefits, a ‘how to’, a testimonial, a demo, or Frequently Asked Questions.

Explainer videos are one of the most popular types of video on the internet because they’re quick, informative and engaging.

Explainer videos for marketing are usually 30 to 60 seconds long, which translates to around 200 words of script or less. You need to keep your viewers’ attention for longer than 3 seconds, which we talk about in more detail in this post.

Video viewers are 1.6x as likely to buy a product than other customers. To read more about video marketing in general beyond explainer videos, click here. In another blog post 2020 Marketing Trends to Look Out For, we talk more about how video marketing is going to be big in the next year.

So why do customers love video so much?

There are two main reasons.

#1: Video articulates complicated aspects of products or services.

A lot of the time a potential customer may get put off if they’re struggling to understand how a product works, or what it even is.

You can easily visualise complex ideas with animation and clear statistics, painting a more focused picture of what the company is selling.

#2: Video allows a company to get creative, have fun, and show personality.

Explainer videos for marketing often help to humanise a faceless company through enthusiastic voiceovers, enticing graphics, and upbeat music.

But, I hear you ask, how will my brand benefit from using explainer videos for marketing?

Well, on a basic level, explainer videos will allow you to quickly introduce your business to the viewer, explain what you offer, and finally outline how this can solve the viewer’s problem.

But explainer videos also come with a host of attractively measurable results for marketers. Sure, explainer videos are more fun, blah blah… but the proof is in the pudding.

Here are some stats that are sure to sway you to using explainer videos for marketing.

Videos embedded in your website will make you 53% more likely to show up first on Google.

Users watching your videos will prolong the amount of time they spend on your website.

Search engines equate long times spent on websites with them being more valuable. Because of this, it will rank them higher in the search results.

Adding an explainer video to your website or landing page can increase customer conversions by 80%.

Videos are simply more engaging to a customer than reading text. All the combined elements of video work together to create feeling, personality, and meaning behind the product or service.

For example, Dropbox gained an extra 10 million users just by adding an explainer video to their website.

Videos are shared on social platforms more than any other kind of media.

Videos are infinitely sharable for their entertainment value.

If your video is shared multiple times and across different platforms, this allows for more and more opportunities for reach and engagement.

YouTube mobile video views grow by 100% every year.

YouTube is the core platform to share your explainer videos, so it’s important to have an account set up. Many YouTube videos are also shared on social media platforms such as Facebook, as you can easily embed them into posts.

So, you now know why you should be taking advantage of explainer videos for marketing. But how do you make it a good one?

There is a variety of styles of explainer video, but all successful ones have the same set of key components that appeal to viewers.

Use inviting visuals. This could mean using bright or warm colours, a bold animation style, or generally aesthetically pleasing settings.

Have a good mix of helpful and entertaining. First, make sure you’re communicating to the potential customer how you can solve their problem. This is called emphasising their ‘pain point’.

To do this, make sure you outline your brand’s benefits, not just its most impressive features.

But if you leave it at that, your video still won’t be interesting enough for the viewer. Combine key information with humour, story hooks, or as we’ve just mentioned, something appealing to look at.

Simplify a complex topic. The clue’s in the name. Companies make explainer videos to unravel ideas that may otherwise put potential customers off due to their complexity.

If you manage to achieve a viewer’s understanding in under a minute or so, this new information will stick in their brain and present you as a thought leader in your field.

Where appropriate, push the boundaries. Do something a little different to what people usually see and you’ll make your video more memorable.

It doesn’t have to be controversial. However, if you can take an idea that’s a little overdone and twist it into something new, you’ll be recognised as a trailblazer.

For more on disruptive marketing, read our blog on the topic here.

Get a good voiceover. If you’re going to have a voiceover in your explainer video, make sure you get a professional voice actor who matches your brand ‘feel’ and can engage a listener.

What style should I make my explainer video?

Generally, explainer videos are split into two basic categories:

Personal brand or product = live video

Intangible service = animation

Despite this, animated videos are the most popular overall. Animation also splits off into lots of different types, such as whiteboard animation or 3D, so think carefully about what would be most effective for your brand’s message.

However, if you can create a live-action video that disrupts the usual formulas, this could work in your favour.

Alternatively, you could mix live-action and animation, like this Spotify ad:

This worked really well for Spotify because it demonstrated both their creativity and the idea of slipping between real life and the world of the music.

Explainer videos are perfect for showing what your brand is about in a very popular format and short space of time. They’re fun, sharable, and informative, meaning you can barely go wrong.

Want more of this? Read more marketing insights at our blog homepage here!

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