Why Your Business Will Benefit From Using Stories

All you’ll hear anywhere right now as far as social media is concerned is that video content is king, so it only makes sense that your business consider using Stories. Both Facebook and Instagram are working hard to make Stories a central point for content sharing, with lots of new features including @ tagging.

We’ve listed a number of reasons why your business would benefit from giving it a good go – and if you have any problems at all or would like to discuss further do feel free to get in touch!

Personality, personality, personality!

This is the underpinning reason for building social content of any kind. Consumer culture is adapting and developing every day, and at the heart of this is a desire to relate to and TRUST a brand. A great way to build trust is to be transparent, illustrate the human element within your organisations and show them who you are.

Behind the scenes

Stories is a fantastic way to give your customers and followers the opportunity to see what you and your teams get up to behind the scenes. If you’re a print company for example, this would be a great place to give a sneaky preview of the print process.


Stories is also a great way to educate your customers on how to use your products and demonstrate your product capabilities. Whether that be a new additional feature recently introduced, or a walk through of a property you have just developed – the opportunities are endless.

Sales promotion

The 24-hour listing feature of Stories is a great place to snapshot a flash sale, offer promotional codes and link through to purchase options. We’re always looking for ways to encourage sales on social media and it can often be challenging – Stories poses the opportunity to close that gap and do some of the hard selling for you.

Story building

Consider Stories as an extension of the various touchpoints you currently have to tell your brand story. This is a great place to extend and elaborate on a brand campaign, offering both a voice and a face to your business.

Personal interaction

The ‘live’ function offers a wealth of benefits, including allowing a stream of video content which exceeds the 1-minute rule currently applied to Instagram posts.  You might want to use ‘live’ to showcase the activity at an event or do a Q&A and open up the forum for some real customer interaction. ‘Live’ is a great place to see who is engaging with your content, and to experience a personal interaction with customers – via live commenting and replies.

Do you need help with your social media strategy, get in touch!

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.