Will Corporate Video Ever Have A Perfect Length?

“What is the perfect length for a corporate video?” We wish we could give you a straightforward answer, but unfortunately that just doesn’t exist.

The general consensus is that the shorter the better, and if you have the opportunity to make your video shorter then don’t hesitate to do so. As long as you can still comfortably include all the necessary information and shortening your video doesn’t make it feel rushed, then it’s seen as the best way to go.

But why?

It’s all dependent on where the video will be shown, who your target audience are, the kind of information it’s giving out and what people already know about the subject that it’s on … simple right?! Working out all of these things still won’t give you a definite answer of ‘2 minutes 11 seconds’ or ‘55 seconds’ but it will help you gage more of an idea of the direction you should be heading.

Nowadays people’s attention spans are getting smaller and smaller, and your corporate video needs to be just the right length to get them interested, but also willing to take the next step. Whether that’s visiting your website or giving you a call, your video needs to reel them in and be engaging enough to make them stay!


Some people might be put off before they even start watching if the length exceeds a certain time. You can see how long a video is going to be before you even press play, so putting off potential viewers purely because of how long they’ll have to look at the screen is never an ideal start!

Contrary to this, some viewers enjoy watching longer videos because they feel more connected to them, and they have more time to enjoy the video and its content. Like we said … there’s no ‘ideal length’ and every video is different. Ultimately the purpose of your video is going to determine how long or short it should be. If your video has some sort of narrative, then a longer video would work well. If it’s a simple product demo, then the shorter and more concise, the better.


If your video really needs to be over 3 minutes it’s likely that not all your audience are going to stick it out till the end. It’s a hard (and lazy) world out there but that’s just the way it is! Having all the key information highlighted right at the start is one of the best ways of making sure that the viewer doesn’t leave your video before they’ve seen the most important parts.

The way viewers watch your video is also changing, and considering that mobiles are becoming an increasingly popular way to watch videos on the go, you have to consider how long people are willing to hold up their phones without getting bored and skipping to the next interesting thing they see. In most circumstances, keeping a corporate video under 2-3 minutes is the way to go. Just think when you watch videos – do you always make it to the end? The answer – probably not.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.