YouTube enlists Homer Simpson (Mr Plow) to reach out to businesses

YouTube, usually the advertiser themselves, have turned the tables over recently, releasing a new explainer type advert for their YouTube for business venture. The message I’m getting from the advert is ‘if it works for homer, it can work for you’ as any Simpson fans out there will know how unlucky and idiotic he can be.

You may recognise the scenes in the advert from the popular Simpson’s episode where homer becomes ‘Mr Plow’, but extra parts have been added to fit with the concept. The video shows Homers business is doomed, until Lisa helps advertise Mr Plow using a video advertisement on YouTube, the process in doing this is clearly shown, giving it the explainer video feel. It then goes on to show the success and rise in business he receives as a result of his advert.

YouTube isn’t just a place for brands with primetime budgets, it has become a powerful tool for small and medium businesses too. If it works for Homer Simpson, it can work for you. YouTube video ads help your small business succeed on the web, just like Mr. Plow – added YouTube in the video description and we couldn’t agree more. The use of video advertising on YouTube and other platforms such as Instagram, Snapchat and Vimeo etc has grown to become the one of the most affective ways to advertise your product or service. (maybe put link to one of our pages?)

“I actually wouldn’t skip the add if it was real” user Matt Reger wrote. ‘Beyond smart” another Nick Reggars stated.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.