So, You’ve Made Your Video Content – What Now?

First of all, congratulations for taking the leap into video marketing. As we will continue to enforce, video content really is the future. The latest introduction of Instagram TV should tell you this!


So, you’ve got your engaging video content – what do you do with it now? Understanding what to do with your content will naturally determine who it reaches and how well it does.


YouTube is still the leader of video content and the second largest search engine, so this is the first place you should consider putting yours. Use this platform as a way of driving viewers back to your website.


Vimeo is a great platform with a higher engaged audience, meaning although less people use the site compared to YouTube, the users are more likely to interact with your content and a call to action.

Social Media

Video content is king as far as social media is concerned. Consider cutting your video into bite-sized chunks with a clear call to action and posting far and wide. Opt for a short and snappy caption and let the video speak for you. Finally, invest in sponsored posts and ads, to really get your message across.

Your Website

Directly upload your video content to your website, with a written breakdown of its contents. As a result, you will grant your customers the choice of how they consume your updates.

Partner Sites

Since video content is king, offer your video to partner sites as content that will also enhance their customer experiences. It’s worth understanding that in some cases businesses have not budgeted for the creation of their own content. Therefore, by sharing yours with them it really is a win-win.

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This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website.